• What is it?

    The Color Clock is a practical tool to teach children how to work independently. Structure and clarity make the daily situation clearer for a child.

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  • Proven success

    Since 2003 (already 20 years!) more than 1 million teachers and parents have experienced the benefits!

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  • Where to buy?

    Color clocks are not for sale in stores or from regular educational suppliers.

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This is what schools say:

'All groups 3 and 4 at our school now have a Color Clock and we are very happy with it. We use the clock for children with work posture and concentration problems. Children who would otherwise never complete their work can now do so within the agreed time.'

What is a Color Clock?

A Color Clock is a clock on which you can no longer see what time it is and you cannot learn to tell the clock on it. What is it then? A handy tool to teach children how to work independently. Children gain insight into time.

How does that work then?
Tafelmodel B2 in de praktijk

Intended for whom?

A Color Clock is a tool that is increasingly being used in both primary and special education and (youth) assistance. But also for home use: especially when children can use the same tool both at home and at school.

For whom exactly?

Purpose and benefits

Putting your child to work is sometimes still possible. Letting your child play or work independently for some time sometimes becomes more difficult. If a child can't tell a clock yet, how does it know how long 5 or 10 minutes are?

How does it work?
Wandmodel A3 in de praktijk

Which model for which use?

All models aim to teach children how to work independently. There is a suitable model for many situations.

Knowing more?

The Color Clock:

A practical and affordable tool to teach children to work independently!